Painted in Waterlogue

Great fiction writers need a lot of different skills, but I think that storytelling is the most important of them all.

Here is my ongoing series on storytelling techniques.

PS I sometimes put in a hyphen, making it “story-telling,” to emphasise the two related components: plot and narration. In prose writing, both parts need to be working well for someone to finish your work and say, “That was a great story!

The preamble: Can Writing Be Taught? (If It Can, Why Aren’t I Better At It?)

The introduction: Welcome to the Series

Part One: The Rihanna Method

Part Two: The Aristotle Problem

Part Three: Keeping the Lights On

Part Four: Recaps (this technique, readers pointed out, has already been described, under the term “sequel.” — see their comments for more).

Part Five: Three Recaps and a Crisis