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I love writing this blog. It’s a pleasure to be able to share creative, imaginative work, and to help other writers improve their technique.

Most of the cruelty in the world, William Blake suggests, comes about because we believe in “necessity.” We dull ourselves, both morally and sensuously, because we walk around believing in the way things just are. This assumption absolves us, Blake says, from paying attention, from experiencing profundity, from making choices.

In reality, however, the things that society call “luxuries” are themselves the essence of life. Good art is voluntary, specific, vivid, present: it offers a promise of a better world, a revolutionary, liberated existence.

This blog is my small way of sharing that vision.

I would love to have more time to work on it.

In an ideal world, I would wake up early, write fiction through the early morning, take a break, and then write a blog post before lunch. Then normal, social, practical life would resume.

And, in turn, it seems like a lot of people like reading this site. The blog has over six thousand followers on WordPress.com, and I’ve been “freshly pressed” twice. Popular pages, such as my series on prose style, have been read more than ten thousand times — you can see some of the discussion of the series on reddit, here. And I’ve received many emails from teachers, aspiring writers, and established scholars across the US and elsewhere.

I have plans to add to this site, to start a newsletter, and to invest in some cheap podcasting equipment.

The problem, of is time. I have to weigh the work I do on the blog with all my other concerns, and, probably like you, I often have to think about money, making money, either by teaching or writing. Some months I have time to post frequently, and write long essays; some months I have to focus on teaching, or freelancing, and the blog suffers.

That’s why I’m very grateful to the readers sponsoring the up-keep of this site via Patreon. And — if you like the site — I invite you to become a sponsor, too. You can chip in a dollar a month (or more), and this will help me pay the costs of keeping this website going.

At time of writing, the site is being sponsored for 77 dollars a month. This is wonderful: I still hope to one day get to $250.

But immediately, I would like to get to $100 a month. If you can spare a dollar or two, I would really appreciate it.


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