About Me


Welcome to this blog.

I’m Daniel David Wallace, a British fiction writer living in Tennessee. Since August, after completing my PhD, I’ve been teaching as a post-doc lecturer at the University of Tennessee, Knoxville.

I’m represented by the literary Inkwell Management, and am currently working on a big historical-magical novel set in eighteenth century Scotland. It will be an amazing book,  I think, if I can finish the re-write 🙂

Additionally, I’m the editor in chief for a small press, Burlesque Press, have co-directed literary festivals for writers and school children, and have been an editorial assistant for two scholarly journals, Restorati0n and ASAP Journal, as well as a freelance writing coach and editor of memoirs.

I live in North Knoxville with my wife, young son, two dogs, and two cats.

I write these blog posts on an iPad Pro, in Markdown. I rely heavily on the excellent writing app Drafts, and the equally excellent app Workflow (to do the actual posting and a few more advanced tricks).

The site uses the excellent WordPress theme Syntax, by Caroline Moore.

This blog offers insights into the writing life and the craft of storytelling. Apart from essays about fiction and teaching, I also post updates about my own life. There will also be political posts.

And I welcome (really welcome) guest posts.

You can send me a message via the comment box below, or via email – incompetentwriter a t g mail . com.

Best wishes to you all,