Goodbye to The Incompetent Writer, and to

Let’s Re-Launch!

I’m about to re-launch my blog.

It’s going to be really good.

But first I wanted to say goodbye to this space, and this name, and to

From next week onwards, I’m going to be blogging on a self-hosted site.

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I am SO excited to share my re-designed blog with you. The re-launch is nearly here. The site is going to be much, much better after the re-design: more substantial posts, free training courses for writers, a newsletter for creatives and artists, and guides to help book-reading, ex-academic types build a successful career. Stay tuned for updates! #writing #writersoninstagram #blogging #blogger #newsletter #dadblog #bookstagram #study #adobesparkpost #career #williamblake #convertkit #bloggersofinstagram #knoxrocks #marketingforcreatives #selfpublishing #selfpublished #knoxvilletn #academics #newblogger #relaunch #amwriting #amwritingfiction #fictionwriting #businesswriting #practice #practiceyourcraft #deliberatepractice #novelwriting #copywriting

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Most of all, I want to say thank you, dear readers.

I’m so grateful that you’ve been reading my blog all these years. It’s been a wonderful thing to write for you.

I really hope you will continue to read and respond to my posts in the future.

The Plan

The plan for next week goes like this:

On Monday or Tuesday I will introduce the new site to you. I’ll provide links and an exciting prelude, a build-up, a drum-roll.

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My new blog is going to offer help for writers, readers, creative types, and artists. Some of that help will be practical step-by-step techniques and tools. Some will be wildly impractical philosophies and inspiration. So, to launch the blog (coming next week), I wrote a 4,000 word essay about William Blake, and why I believe you MUST make William Blake’s ideas a part of your life. I can’t wait to share it with you 🙂 #writing #writersoninstagram #blogging #blogger #newsletter #dadblog #bookstagram #study #adobesparkpost #career #williamblake #convertkit #bloggersofinstagram #knoxrocks #marketingforcreatives #selfpublishing #selfpublished #knoxvilletn #academics #newblogger #relaunch #amwriting #amwritingfiction #fictionwriting #businesswriting #practice #practiceyourcraft #deliberatepractice #novelwriting #copywriting

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Then, during that week, I will transfer everyone who is a follower of this site to the new site.

Then, either at the end of that week or the start of the next, I will flip this url to point at the new one, and we will all continue (I hope!) on the new site.

Now, if you are an email follower of this blog, you will likely continue to get email updates as I post new essays. However, if you follow the site on, you will only see updates from me in the Wordpress Reader.

Therefore, if you want to make sure you continue to get updates about my new free courses and resources, I strongly recommend you either sign up to the newsletter, or join one of my email-based courses, so I know how to contact you in the future.

Click this handy image to sign up to the newsletter!

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You may be asking:

Why not just do a re-design of the current site?

And at first, that was my plan.

However, there’s just so much more I can do with a site. I can give away free guides and free courses. I can build up some interesting plug-ins and extras behind the scene.

I can’t wait to show you how I’ve expanded the blog. More details at the start of next week.

PS I will transfer over most of the old posts on this site. The best posts here will prosper and thrive. However, I am going to hide away a lot of the more personal updates and notices about readings, events etc. New readers probably don’t need to hear about a performance I gave two years ago.

If, next week, you go to the blog and don’t see a post you love, let me know.

PPS Sign up to the newsletter! Don’t get lost in the transfer!

2 thoughts on “Goodbye to The Incompetent Writer, and to

  1. Thank you. I hope the new blog works out.

    In addition to William Blake, I’d like to see you do John Milton at one point. He inspired William Blake and many of the Romantics. His depiction of angels, fallen angels, Hell, Heaven, and Paradise – it’s breathtaking. In addition, he wrote prolifically – sonnets, prose discourses, masques, elegiac poems. He even experimented later in his life with the epic and the Greek-tragic form.

    Samson Agonistes and Paradise Lost are, if you think about it long enough, boldly experimental – SA in the Greek tragic form mixed with a Hebrew-biblical hero and subject matter, and PL as a true epic that mixes together Greek, Roman, Hebrew, and Christian influence, while hoping to transcend the martial subject matter of Homer’s and Virgil’s epics, or the courtly-knightly tradition of Edmund Spenser’s magnificent Faerie Queene.

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    • Thank you for the well-washings! I would love to cover Milton. The only trouble is that I simply don’t know Milton that well. It would have to involve a reading project, for sure, first. — hope to see you on the new site.


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