Expertise: a free course for business writers (join now before my site launches!)


Dear readers,

Do you write for your work?

Have you ever wanted guidance on the writing you do for your business?

Would you like to be a more precise, more effective, and more authoritative communicator?

If you are a blogger, manager, entreprenuer, or marketer, you probably worry sometimes whether your clients and audience really like your writing.

Perhaps you find it easy to compose a quick text or email, but when you begin to construct a complex argument or explain how a service works, you start to feel like your writing is hard to follow, bland, or disjointed.

After all, many of us take on professional responsibilities with little training in business writing, and we have to figure it out day to day.

We also have to teach junior staff members, clarifying to them why one piece of writing seems good, and another not good.

If you would like to be the kind of professional who is known for easy-to-read, authoritative, and persuasive writing, join this short (and free) email series, Expertise.

I have taught business writing all over the world.

I was trained as a professional writer and analyst at the Bank of England.

Since then, I’ve coached insurers in Taipei, advertising directors in London, and financial advisors in Pennsylvania.

For all these professionals, their written work is a kind of daily resume that they share with their customers.

Good writing is always a mark of quality, of knowledge, and of care, everywhere in the world.

Similarly, bad writing is noticeable almost instantly. Even small errors erode the trust that a client has built up in your work.

To get actionable tips and advice, sign up with this link.

It’s an email-based course: the emails will arrive over the next couple of weeks. Each message will give you suggestions for how to achieve a few quick wins in your work.

We’ll discuss typography and layout, sentence flow, and clarity.

You will end the series with a noticeably greater ease and confidence in your writing.

And if you start the course, and find it’s not for you, feel free to unsubscribe at any time

I modestly call it “Expertise.”

You can sign up for it here, or by clicking the image below.


P.S. Thank you to the 115 writers who have signed up for my story-writing class, Deliberate Writing Practice.

It’s amazing to watch the weekly emails go out and people build the next step in their story. I received far more responses and questions and suggestions than I ever expected, which is fantastic.

(If you are a fiction writer, and you sign up today or tomorrow, you’ll still be able to get the first challenge — revised, improved — on Friday.)

I am almost ready to re-launch this blog. It’s very exciting. I have poured a lot of effort into creating the new version of the site, and I hope you enjoy the essays I have written for you there.

Do try one of my courses, though, before the rest of the world learns about them — Deliberate Writing Practice (for fiction writers) and Expertise (for business writers).

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