How to Write Better Sentences: your free guide


Hi friends!

I’m excited: the re-design of this blog is nearly ready. I can’t wait to share it with you.

I’ve written some new posts for the re-launch, and these are long, detailed essays — about being a happy artist, about William Blake, about ways to make money blogging, and about techniques for teaching writing workshops.

The site is nearly ready.


Today, I wanted to share one of the highlights of the new site with you, ahead of the launch: I’ve turned my popular series, How to Write Better Sentences, into a free ebook.

It’s my introduction to the greatest writing techniques that I know of.

Topics include:

  • Where to put the most important word in a sentence?
  • Is it better to focus the reader’s attention on verbs or nouns?
  • Why does “hypotactic” writing make your reader turn pages faster?

(I’m trying to share the best bits of the new site — before the launch — with you. Get your copy of the guide before everyone else.)

I’m very proud of this guide. I cleaned up and revised the old posts. I’ve added pictures and changed new examples.

I did think about charging for it, but then I decided that the writing I havd previously published on this blog should stay free (at least for now.)

You can get it here. Sign up with your email and the site will send over your copy.

Send me the guide!

Want to know more?

Curious? Never heard of a guide about “writing style” before?

Here’s the information on the page where I’m currently hosting the guide:

The secrets of great writers

Join the thousands of novelists and bloggers who have improved their writing with this (free) guide.

When I first became interested in improving my writing style, I read dozens of old, forgotten, and little known textbooks.

I worked through their abstract language and intense grammatical discussions.

For this guide, I wrote up the best of those lessons in simple, easy to follow instructions.

The book outlines ten techniques that will transform your writing.

Learning about these writing techniques, and trying them out in practice sessions, has noticeably affected my ability to communicate, to express myself more vividly, and to take more pleasure in the writing process.

And the same has been true for this book’s readers.

Over three-thousand novelists, bloggers, and freelancers have read, shared, and commented on these essays.

Some readers said that they reached the final essay in a state of euphoria, feeling like a veil had been removed from their eyes.

However, if reading through these pieces merely expands your verbal toolkit, and gives you more options as you work on your next writing project, I will be very happy.

Get your copy of the guide here

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